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Clifton brown
Couldn't be more Happy!

Losing our Henry has been especially difficult for my wife. He was her first pet ever.
Having his cuddle clone has gotten her through some really sad days .. I couldn't be more grateful!!

Jennifer Berrenrath
Super vielen lieben Dank war überglücklich

Ich hätte es mir im Leben nicht vorstellen können und ich konnte es kaum abwarten aber als ich ihn denn endlich ausgepackt habe war die Stimmung so emotional einfach nur fassungslos vor Freude

So pleased.

With the price of the product, I was hesitant to order. I figured with the return policy that it would be worth the risk, as I had lost my best friend and soul mate of 14 years, Oliver. I was heartbroken and found myself feeling just empty with only a box of ashes left from his life. So I took the plunge and ordered a Cuddle Clone. I'm very pleased with what arrived on my doorstep today! It's not an absolute carbon copy (I didn't expect it to be) but it's pretty dang close. They even got some of the smaller details, like the white circles around his eyes, and his fangs (though I did request that they pay attention to that detail specifically). I submitted a little under 20 photos if I remember correctly, for them to work from. I chose the option to have a zipper pouch installed, and I'm so glad I did. I was able to put my boy's ashes in there, and holding his plush replica is so much more comforting than holding a box. It will never replace what I lost, but, it will bring me comfort in the form of something physical to hold that reminds me of my best friend. Thank you!


It’s adorable. It’s a bit broader around the neck, and I expected the freckles to be difficult to capture, but I still absolutely love it 💕 I’m currently waiting for another plush, of my old dog. I’m sad, because I had to let her rest forever yesterday. This cheered me up. Thank you💕

Comfort through grief

My soulmate dog passed away too soon from cancer, and I’ve been heartbroken. I ordered a cuddle clone of her one night in a grief-driven fit after spending a week reading reviews and being on the fence. The bad experiences I read made me nervous, and I was so worried her clone wouldn’t look anything like her, or that it’d feel cheap and stiff.

The opposite was true. CC did a really nice job making a stuffy that looked like my girl. They got all the details right, even some tail details that I didn’t describe very clearly. Having this stuffed animal has been a huge comfort. I’ve held it during my saddest moments, and just hope she holds up to the sadness wear-and-tear.

The only downside is that it looks so similar, that my partner and I get confused when we see “her” out of the corner of our eye and it can bring up some sadness. But the comfort far outweighs that.

If this is within your budget and you’re considering, I would recommend ordering from them. I miss my girl so much, and having a stuffy clone really helps.