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Signs Your Dog Loves You: Recognizing the Genuine 10 Signs Your Dog Loves You

Love is often considered the most human of emotions. Ancient Greeks had four words for it. Modern philosophers seem to each have their own personal definition. Given the power and importance of love to humans, and the undeniable bond between pets and their owners, it’s no doubt why dog owners often ask themselves “does my dog love me?” or “how can I tell if my dog loves me?”

Rest assured, if you are asking the question, then you are probably quite loved by your fur-child. But just in case, here’s a list of the top signs your dog loves you!

10. Signs Your Dog Loves You: They're Excited to See You

This one may seem the most obvious and simple, but that is because it is true. If your dog is excited to see you, then she/he probably loves you. Whether it be jumping on you at the door when you get home (even if you’ve only been gone for 5 minutes!), smiling, licking your face with an unrivaled passion, or wagging their tail with such gusto that it could knock over a table or bruise the leg of a passer-by, genuine excitement is the first sign that your dog loves you!

The way a dog reacts when you come home after a short or long absence can indicate their affection. Dogs who exhibit a so-called 'welcome dance' or those who bring their toys to you as soon as you enter the door are showing their excitement and joy at your return. They associate you with positive experiences and fun, indicating their love.




9.  Signs That Your Dog Loves You: They're Physically Affectionate

As dogs lack words, that just leaves physical signs of affection. For dogs, these can vary, but they often resemble pack behaviors. For example, wanting to cuddle, be held, or sleep in bed with you. Dogs want to be close to the ones they love, so if she/he wants to be close to you, she/he probably loves you!



8. How to Know If Your Dog Loves You: They Lean/Sit Against You with Their Back

Everyone knows the saying “I’ve got your back” – and that’s literally what your dog is asking of you when he sits or leans against you with his back towards you. While it can be annoying at times – like when it spills your coffee or knocks over your bowl of popcorn – it is really a sign of trust and a holdover from your dog’s pack ancestry. He is assuming you’ll protect him, and he’s doing the same for you!

7. Signs Your Dog Loves You: They Follow You Around

Does your fur-baby follow you all around your place? Not just the kitchen or towards the door, but every other room too (even the bathroom!)? That’s a sure sign that your dog loves you and considers you part of its pack. Where you go, she/he goes. Except into the shower. They’ll never understand that…!

6. They Like Your Scent

Is your dog fond of – or rather obsessed with – your scent? Beyond the uncomfortable sniffing of your nether-regions, does she/he seem to be obsessed with your laundry, your shoes, your workout gear, and any other item that bears your scent (the smellier the better!?). That is a sure-fire sign that she/he loves you!

5. Signs That Your Dog Loves You: They Look at You While Going Potty

Does your dog seem to stare you down in an awkward locking-of-eyes when doing its business? This is not a sign of shame, but rather a sign of trust. Your pooch is relying on you to have its back during this most vulnerable of moments and is watching you for any signs of danger. So, if you look around and pretend to be interested in looking at anything or everything BUT the bowel movement taking place next to you, that is actually what your dog is hoping you will do! Good Job! Speaking of having your dog’s back…

4. How to Know If Your Dog Loves You: They Like to Wrestle or Roughhouse

If your dog likes to get physical with their play and wrestle or roughhouse, it is another throwback to pack behaviors that shows she/he is on your team and wants to be close to you, even when at play! Just don’t let them see you wrestling with other dogs, things could get ugly!

3. Signs Your Dog Loves You: They're Wagging Their Tail

Everyone knows that when you see your dog’s tail wagging back and forth, it’s a sign they’re in a good mood. They’re happy. If they wag their tail when you’re around, consider it a display of their love.




2. They Raise Their Eyebrows

Pay attention to a lot more than your dog’s tail when looking for signs of love. That’s because according to a recent study in Japan, dogs immediately lifted their eyebrows – especially their left when they saw their owners. So all those adorable eyebrow wiggles you’re seeing really mean a whole lot more! They’re your fur-baby’s way of saying they are happy to see you.

1.  Signs That Your Dog Loves You: They Smile at You

If you have ever thought your dog was smiling, you were right! Some dogs have been known to give a big cheesing smile! Vetstreet lists these wide toothy grins as one of their signs your pup really loves you!

That’s a wrap on our 10 legit signs your dog loves you. I hope you enjoyed this playful look at puppy love! If you have a legit sign that your dog loves you that I didn’t mention share it with us by tagging us in a post on social media with @cuddleclones! 

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