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Dog Sploot: 10 Bunny Sploots That Will Put a Smile on Your Face

Are you familiar with pet sploots? If not, the sploot was made popular by the Corgis and this comfy lounging position has taken over the world. But dare I say it is more than just a way for pets to kick back after a long day. Splooting is so much more than that!

Now, without further delay, we present you with our 10 Pet Sploots That Are Sure to Make You Smile!

10. The Yoga Pose - Dog Sploot

That’s right, this is exercise, don’t judge me.

9. The Art Model

You can sploot when being drawn like one of those French girls.

8. The Mechanic - Dog Breed That Sploots

Some dogs, especially certain breeds like Corgis and Bulldogs, have mastered the sploot pose. These breeds use splooting as a cool-down technique as it allows for maximum belly-floor contact.

This pose is so versatile that it can also mimic a mechanic working under a car. Splooting puts you at the perfect height to get to the undercarriage.

7. The Guard Dog - Dog Sploot

Watch out mailman, the fluffy frogs are expecting you in their comfortable sploot pose.

6. The Tiny Sploot

Splooting is not limited to fully-grown pets. Puppies and kittens can also execute this pose perfectly! Seeing a tiny sploot is truly one of the cutest sights!

5. Squad Sploot

Splooting can be a group activity, showcasing both rabbit sploots and dog sploots, enjoyed by you and your 2 closest furry friends.

4. Sneaky Sploot

Now you can squeeze into the smallest hiding spots. What do you mean you can still see my legs?

3. Game of Sploots

Splooting can be an excellent tactic during playtime. Your opponent will be challenged to maintain a straight face as your little legs sticking out makes them smile. A unique mix of a bunny sploot or a dog sploot could have an extra laugh-inducing impact.

2. Do You Smell That? - Bunny Sploot

I dare you to blame that on me, especially while I’m executing this flawless bunny sploot!

1. The Original

That’s right! I believe the sploot was invented by bunnies. They’re naturals at the bunny sploot!

In all seriousness, whether splooting was initially a dog sploot or a bunny sploot, all sploots are equal and incredibly adorable. It doesn't matter if you're alone or in a group, splooting is the best opportunity to try things from a new, flatter, lower angle. Let's not forget - we just can't get enough of how charming and lovable it is!

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