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5 Adorably Adoptable Long-Haired Cat Breeds

Cats are the sweethearts of the pet community! Their soft bodies, curious instincts, utter devotion, and high composure in the face of adversity are some of the key features that people love and adore. Long-term cat owners usually claim that such an experience is unmatched - even if they have other pets.

Best Long-Haired Cat Breeds for Adoption

There are a variety of cat breeds that are ideal as a pet. It depends on the owner to select a particular breed of preference. Long-haired cats are some of the most cherished and glorified creatures in the entire world - and for good reasons too. They look very different from most of the cat breeds. Their long, fluffy fur makes them unique and stands out from the rest. In simple terms, cats are amazing pets for beginners. This article discusses some of the popular long-haired cat breeds that you should consider before deciding to adopt one.

The Persian

If you randomly ask a person to name a single long-haired cat breed, there is a big possibility that the answer would be  “Persian”. This historic breed is, arguably, the most popular long-haired variant of a cat in the entire world. A Persian has a cute, round head with vivid, expressive eyes. In fact, the cost of a Persian is occasionally determined solely by the color of their eyes. The average weight of an adult Persian cat ranges between 8 and 12 pounds.

Giving long-haired cats like the Persian a bath can be very rewarding. However, those beautiful curls are not the easiest to dry afterward. Cat dryers can be used to solve the problem, as these are specialized devices produced for this purpose alone. Persian cats are not big fans of taking baths. Try to keep them comfortable post-bath by using a cat dryer instead of physically rubbing their bodies with a towel.

This breed of cat is apparently a mixture of the famous Angora cats of Turkey (more on them later in this article) and their long-haired siblings from the Middle East and Asia - mainly Persia. Hence, the naming of the cat. A Persian’s greatest form of joy is to cuddle with the owner at their will or just be left to wander on its own. They are used to remaining inactive throughout the day; probably take continuous sunbathes if allowed. While they do not need constant personal care, but grooming from time to time is needed. Make sure you take the time to brush their elegant fur every day and save them from the trouble of doing it on their own!

The Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora cat was the very first long-haired European cat to be fully domesticated. The unique feature belonging to this glorious family of felines is the occasional Angora having different colored eyes. This is due to heterochromia mutation and is one of the key factors people look for before adopting one. Furthermore, they have pointy ears that are generally not found in other cats. An average Turkish Angora may weigh between 5 and 9 pounds.

An Angora’s coat rarely loses its shine, but a considerable amount of grooming is required to maintain that. Due to their constant shedding of hair, at times it becomes a hassle. However, do not be discouraged. They are extremely loyal and will do everything in their power to keep you content with their calm temperament. Angoras are not very puffy but quite slender and slim. Although, their extremely fluffy coats hardly reveal their petite physique.

The Birman 

The Birman is a sacred creature in Myanmar. They are one of the most silent cats that you may ever come across. Being a highly decent cat, the Birman is an ideal pet for any home willing to spend some effort to raise one. They do not have extensive grooming needs like most cats of the same nature. The fascinating blue eyes look absolutely stunning and are, arguably, the most unique feature of this breed. Additionally, they have a distinct white color on the mittens of their paws - regardless of the color of the coat.

Birmans are a playful breed. They will spend hours following your trail just to get your attention - maybe play a game or two while at it. They usually weigh between 10 and 12 pounds. Make sure you know how to deal with the Birman before deciding to adopt one.

The Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is evidently the largest breed of domestic cat in the whole world. This is because of its origin. It is a belief that this breed of cat was first found in extremely cold weather conditions, the reason why their fur is so thick and their bodies so large. Their tails are immensely bushy; so much that they can wrap themselves up during freezing conditions to prevent the loss of body heat. They are excellent survivors and can habituate under any circumstances.

Maine Coons can weigh as much as 20 pounds! Even though their bodies are so large and dominant, their behaviors do not reflect that. They are highly social and are genuine admirers of hugs and kisses. The overall shape of a Main Coon cat is fun to look at from a distance. The cat would appear as one large ball of fur, due to the shape of its ears and bushy tail.

The Ragdoll

The name Ragdoll comes from the habit of these cats to go limp when picked up. This is very unusual for a cat, as these creatures stay on high alert in any situation. Not the ragdoll though! They love to snuggle and play with their owners.

Ragdolls shed immensely and should be avoided by people prone to allergic conditions. They do not need much grooming, but a total absence of it might become a problem for the owner. Their silky coats do not mat easily, but a lack of grooming can contribute to that.

Wrapping Up

The variety of cat breeds available for adoption is staggering. However, every breed may not be suitable for everyone. Make certain of the exact type of cat that you desire and seek accordingly. Bear in mind that it is up to the owner to provide a comfortable living condition for the new member of the family. Do your research to know all about cat care before selecting a particular long-haired breed for adoption.

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