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5 Dog Breeds Perfect For Families

When considering dog breeds perfect for families, there are many things to consider. There are different dog breeds but the best one depends on the activity level of your household, your living situation, and your family energy. There is a wide range of dog breeds with different traits. Hence, finding the perfect dog breed for your family can be a bit daunting. In this guide, we will walk you through some of the best dog breeds that are great for families.

Wet labrador retriever at the beach.

Dog Breeds Perfect For Families


The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds around the world and one of the best dog breeds perfect for families. You can find this dog breed in almost any home because of its amazing and adorable traits. The dog is highly trainable, friendly, and patient. This dog breed has a great personality; they play well with everyone and other animals too. They are also extremely active and never afraid to show it. Another fascinating thing about this dog breed is that they require minimal grooming; weekly brushing would do. The shedding level is regular with a medium barking level. The dog is good with kids and it is easily trainable. With the right choice of food for your Lab, you will get a very happy dog that would make a great addition to your home.

Close-up smiling Golden retriver.


The Golden Retriever is another top choice for those looking for dog breeds perfect for families. This is a friendly dog that is equally smart, loyal, kind, and confident. The dog has all the traits you need in a family dog. The dog is neither timid nor aggressive. They are also great for homes with kids, as they are patient. The most interesting part of this dog breed is that it plays a lot, and it needs a lot of exercise too – that’s if you don’t get the miniature version! You and your family would have a great time (both indoors and outdoors) with this dog. This dog breed is also affectionate, and your kids are going to love them. The dog also requires minimal maintenance and does not suffer from many health conditions. This dog requires brushing just two times a week. Interestingly, this dog breed is friendly with cats, making them a great option for families that already have cats.

Close-up of panting Irish Setter.


The Irish Setter is another very popular dog and the breed makes a great addition to any home. This family-friendly dog is very popular for its red coat, and they are also very energetic and playful. They play with children and love being around people. This dog breed does not like being alone, they love being around their families. If you have kids that love playing, this is the best dog breed to consider. They play a lot, and they need plenty of exercise. Other amazing traits of this dog breed is that they are trainable and smart. They are also friendly with others and they do a great job of greeting new people that come to your home. The coat of this dog breed is long, which means they require a little bit of maintenance. They need frequent brushing and grooming to keep them fit and clean always.

Bichon Frise in a bowtie running through a field.


This is one of the most adorable dog breeds out there. The Bichon Frise is a very beautiful and friendly dog. This is a small dog breed that plays well with kids. It is difficult to find a Bichon Frise that has not met someone they did not like. This dog breed goes well with anyone, including visitors. Your kids are going to have a swell time with this dog. They aim to please anyone that comes their way. They are also playful, and you can teach them new tricks while having fun with them. This dog breed is also hypoallergenic, which means you will not have any issues with allergies. The dog is cute, no doubt, and you can take it anywhere because of its small stature. However, it requires a little bit of maintenance, as their curly hair needs to be groomed and brushed regularly. Their barking level is also low, which means you will not have to deal with unnecessary noise and disturbance at home.

Close up of a panting French Bulldog.


Bulldogs make a wonderful companion to families. The dog is excellent with children and plays a lot. One of the interesting traits of these dogs is their loyalty. They can also adapt to almost any atmosphere, which means you can travel with them across the globe.  This dog breed is friendly, courageous, calm, and trainable. They are not very active but they require regular exercise, including walks. Bulldogs are also friendly with other dogs, making them a great option for families looking to have more than one dog breed at home. The barking level of this dog is also very low, which means you would always have a quiet time at home. Another great thing about this dog breed is that they do not require frequent grooming. Weekly grooming works just fine. They do not shed that frequently also; only seasonally. Most bulldogs are also pleasant with visitors, and they are good with other pets besides dogs. However, you would need to pay close attention to their tooth care, as they need additional care with teeth cleaning, snoring, and wheezing.


There are many dog breeds out there but not all of them blend and mingle with people. Some dog breeds are naturally friendly and they can fit into any family. Now that you know a few things about dog breeds perfect for families, you should be ready to choose the one that is right for you!

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