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7 Dog-Friendly Date Ideas For Couples

Just because it’s date night doesn’t mean you have to leave your pooch at home! There are plenty of ways to include them in your activities, and with the rise in dog-friendly places, your dog can come along with you almost anywhere! Here are our top dog-friendly date ideas for couples. 

Dog-Friendly Date Ideas For Couples


If you live an active lifestyle and enjoy a good hike, why not take your pup with you next time you and your partner do some outdoorsing?  This is a fantastic outing for energetic breeds like Border Collies, Huskies, and Golden Retrievers, especially if you pair it with a swim along the way to cool down.  Don’t aim for a 10-mile hike for the first time with your pup! Go for a shorter distance and make sure your dog can handle it before taking longer walks. 



Restaurants the world over are welcoming dogs as well as humans. A simple bit of research will show which places in your area are dog-friendly, so why not head out for a date night with your pet in tow?  This is best for well-trained dogs who won’t be tempted to jump up and eat off every plate in the restaurant. Some restaurants have doggy menus, so make sure you know if you can buy your pooch a meal or if you have to take something with you to keep them happy! You can bring a favorite toy or a flavored dog bone as a treat for your dog’s well-mannered behavior.


Friends picnicking in the park with their small dog.


A picnic is a great idea for the whole family in the summer weather.  Pick a beautiful, dog-friendly spot, take your choice of food (not forgetting treats for your dog), and settle in for some time together out in the fresh air surrounded by stunning scenery. 



Yes – doggy yoga is a thing! There’s a yoga studio (or a few) to be found in most cities, and they’re also leaning towards a more pet-friendly environment.  If there’s one nearby that offers doga, it would be a great date idea for the two of you and your fluff! It’s unique, fun, and physically challenging all at the same time.



You can find a dog-friendly outdoor movie arena, or simply set one up in your own backyard! All you’ll need is a projector, a screen, and whatever blankets, mattresses, and cushions you want to create a comfy seating/lounging area. Put together some movie-worth snacks, and you’ve got a homemade, budget-friendly, dog-friendly date!  



Pet selfies are an adorable thing, but why not book a professional shoot to get some real stunners of your pup, yourself, and your partner?  It’s just like a family photoshoot! Although not all photographers will specify that they’re pet-friendly, it’s just a question of asking. Many will be happy with well-behaved dogs!  Take one of your pup’s favorite toys and go in with an attitude of fun and adventure. This could be an awesome date, and you’ll have pictures to remind you of it for a long time to come! Choose your favorite picture from the session and put it on a Custom Pet Photo Blanket for a great gift for the holiday season! 



If you’re a charity supporter, a pet charity would be a great way to spend time with your partner, take your pup for an adventure, and support a great cause all at the same time.  Many of them are pet-friendly, so check out what’s going in your local area! 

Next time you go on a romantic outing, no need to leave your fluff behind. Try some of these dog-friendly date ideas to keep the whole family together and having fun, while strengthening your relationship with your dog and your partner at the same time!

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