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7 Golden Rules of Cat Care

Every animal has a unique set of golden rules and care guidelines to ensure their best health! Cats are no exception! If you own a cat, there are high chances that you’re familiar with most (or all) of these cat care rules. However, if you’re new to owning a cat or considering adding one to the family, these golden rules are for you! 

Three cats cuddling together on a chair with a blue pad.Photo by Toni Tan from Pexels

Golden Rule of Cat Care #1

Cats love attention! There are certain breeds of cats that enjoy more attention than others. Before choosing a breed, it’s extremely important to know whether or not you can provide their attention needs! For instance, Siamese cats have a massive need and craving for attention. Consistent attention throughout the day is 100% vital to their cat care regimen. They tend to get extremely vocal when not provided with enough attention and physical contact. It is necessary to provide them with these basic needs to keep them in a healthy playful state!

Golden Rule of Cat Care #2

Proper physical and mental enrichment are hugely important to proper cat care! In fact, there are dozens of activities you and your cat can partake in. Consider taking your cat out on walks. As silly it might sound, they need to socialize too! You may also want to consider playing games like hide and seek or food hunting. Cats are natural carnivores, and the natural instinct of a feline is to hunt prey. This stimulates their sharp olfactory senses and allows their predatory nature a chance to shine in a safe and controlled environment! Once your cat finds the food or treat, they get to enjoy the satisfaction of their reward. Obviously, this should never replace consistent and easily accessible food and water. However, your cat will love the challenge and excitement!

Golden Rule of Cat Care #3

Toys are fun and important for cat care, but what toys should you buy? There are several varieties available in the market. However, one must-have for every cat owner is a scratching post. Cats have an instinctual urge to scratch, and once they find a place to scatch, they like to return to it. Thankfully, cat scratchers are easily available everywhere and allow your cat to fulfill their needs without taking their claws to your furniture!

However, don’t go overboard! Some cat owners have needlessly squandered money on excessively expensive scratching posts. Bigger is not always better and more expensive is not always more exciting for your cat.

Chewing and intelligent interactive toys also make a great addition to any cat’s toybox! These toys help to alleviate your cat’s potentially destructive boredom (we’ve all seen them go to war with everyone on a shelf or table). More importantly, they give your feline an outlet for their natural hunting urges.

Golden Rule of Cat Care #4

Proper pet nutrition is vital to a long, happy, healthy life for your best friend. What food should you feed your feline friend? It’s essential to check the nutritional value of your pet’s food. This knowledge ensures that your cat is getting the nutrition they need to thrive. Thoroughly research the best available options for your price point. You won’t be sorry!

There are also several human foods that are safe for your cat to eat in moderation! Fish, meat, eggs, and cheese are high in protein and calcium. Some fruits and veggies (if your cat will eat them!) make for tasty, healthy treats!

Golden Rule of Cat Care #5

Regular veterinary care is a hugely important part of proper cat care. It’s as important for them as it is for you. Your doctor recommends a yearly checkup, so you may wish to consider the same for your feline friend. As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Your vet can help highlight and solve issues with your cat’s health before they become dangerous or even potentially life-threatening. 

Your vet can also help keep an eye out for common diseases and conditions, as well as advice on which vaccinations you should consider. With your vet’s insight and care, you can be on the lookout for warning signs of cancer, diabetes, FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus), FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus), heartworm, high-rise syndrome, rabies, ringworm, upper respiratory infections, and worms. 

Golden Rule of Cat Care #6

There is an obvious bloom in the grooming industry. Fancy clinics and grooming centers have cropped up around the country. The role of social media and influencer campaigns cannot be denied in this influx. This has also helped consumers become more particular regarding which groomer will fulfill their needs!

It’s always wise to research your options thoroughly. The need for grooming is vital and should not be ignored. Regular brushing, bathing (as needed), and clipping of nails are very important for your cat. It is possible to make this grooming very enjoyable for the cats, especially the brushing which not only feels great but helps to increase their circulation.

Golden Rule of Cat Care #7

Do you have cat insurance? It might be worth considering, especially if your cat likes to roam outdoors and may therefore be exposed to more health hazards. Cat insurance is another name for pet health insurance. There is a diverse range of health insurance available for your cat. The coverage of terms varies from company to company. Cat insurances help to financially cope with accidents or sudden illnesses that might occur. The soaring prices of medication and treatment can be effectively managed with these insurances. Some pet insurances even cover grooming, vaccinations, and routine preventative care.


These golden rules of cat care are an excellent foundation for giving your feline friend the best life possible. Of course, every animal is different, and their needs will differ accordingly. However, with these tips, your cat can live a long, happy, and healthy life with you. After all, your friend deserves every iota of love in the world.

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