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Christmas in July: Up to 60% off Sitewide


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Critical Care for Animal Angels | October 2021 Shelter Spotlight

Each month, we donate to 10 animal shelters nominated by you. One of the shelters we will be donating to is Critical Care for Animal Angels. After reading their nomination email they sent, we were so happy we could help them out! 

About CCAA

Critical Care for Animal Angels is a 501(c)3 non-profit volunteer-based organization dedicated to rescuing primarily homeless, injured or sick dogs from high-kill shelters in Georgia. They operate through a network of foster homes in the Middle Georgia area and our efforts are funded by tax-deductible contributions from kind-hearted people and organizations who care just as much as they do about making a difference.

CCAA helps animals like Nadia.Nadia was found in someone’s front bushes.  By the blood trail left behind, and the condition her leg was in, they assume she was tied out in a yard and possibly attacked by another animal.  Thankfully, CCAA was called out to the scene and was able to get her to their emergency vet.  Nadia’s road to recovery was only just beginning.  Her leg needed an immediate amputation, but she was too sick. After weeks of antibiotics, and daily visits to the vet for cleaning and bandage changes, Nadia was finally ready for surgery. At first, Nadia's recovery was going great. Then her muscle began to grow and get stronger too quickly, moving the remaining bone left in her leg and causing her stitches to pop out. Nadia once again had to have surgery on her leg, but thankfully this surgery was a success!  In no time, Nadia was up running and playing.  She has since been adopted, and is living her best life. 

How COVID has impacted CCAA

COVID-19 put an immediate halt to adoption events throughout the year which lowered adoptions overall. Since March, all of their adoptions have been done over social media. With limited visibility during the pandemic, they suffered a major decrease in donations. They have struggled in 2020 and 2021 to pay their bills. The number of abandoned and surrendered dogs has increased and has overwhelmed the shelter with additional work with limited funds. They have been continuously organizing new fundraisers to raise money for the shelter. 

If you would like to help Critical Care for Animal Angels, you can make an individual donation to the shelterhere.  

To view a full list ofshelters we donated to last month – check out our most recent donations blog post. Do you know of a shelter in need of some extra support? Send an email to and tell us more about them for a chance to be one of the 10 shelters selected for next month’s animal shelter donations. Thank you! 

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