Christmas in July: Up to 60% off Sitewide

Christmas in July: Up to 60% off Sitewide


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Introducing Cuddle Couture, A Brand New Cosmetics Line by Cuddle Clones!


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(Louisville, Kentucky - April 1, 2022) What does friendship smell like? How does one capture the beautiful bouquet of loyalty and unconditional love? These are questions that pet owners around the globe have sought to answer since wolves first joined man fireside. This question has finally been answered.

Introducing  Cuddle Couture, the revolutionary new cosmetic, beauty, and skincare line by  Cuddle Clones designed to smell exactly like your pet. From body lotions and fragrance sprays to perfumes and lip balms and everything in between, this inventive new product line promises to redefine the way we practice self-care.

“Our custom stuffed animals that look like your pet are second to none in terms of quality and resemblance,” said Rafael Ramón, the Head of Beauty & Cosmetic Products at Cuddle Clones, “But it came to me in a dream. I woke up, doused in a cold sweat and gasping for breath, and it hit me…that certain ‘Je ne sais quoi’ that would transcend perfection. Cuddle Couture!”

With hundreds of thousands of Cuddle Clones handcrafted with care for pet owners around the globe and millions of meals donated to shelter pets in need, Cuddle Clones’ foray into this brand new market with Cuddle Couture promises to disrupt the way we look at scent-based products and provide the aroma pet owners have been clamoring for since the very first time they buried their nose into their puppy’s fur.

“Two words: Puppy. Smell.” continued Ramón. “Imagine being able to capture that intoxicatingly innocent and pure aroma! Well, you don’t need to imagine it, because with Cuddle Couture, it’s a reality!”

With just one single strand of your pet’s fur (and they certainly leave enough of it laying around), we synthesize your pet’s unique aroma into a Cuddle Couture perfume or body fragrance spray that smells just like them. 

A few lucky members of our Cuddle Clones community were part of our early access program, making them among the first to join our cosmetic revolution! Just listen to what they had to say.

“I wasn’t sure they’d really be able to capture Lily’s unique scent, but one spritz of Cuddle Couture and I smelled exactly like pond water and peanut butter. It was like having her with me all day!”  - Jay from Louisville, KY

“Freshly cut grass and marrow bones. I know that doesn’t sound like it should smell nice, but that’s Maxie’s smell, and I just love it.” - Brittany from Boulder, CO

“I’m not convinced this isn’t magic or sorcery or something. It smells EXACTLY like my cat Floofy. It’s like he’s still here in the room with me right now!” - Mark from Albany, NY

Are you ready to revolutionize self-care and bring home your own complete line of Cuddle Couture products?  Join our pre-order list and be among the first people in the world to experience Cuddle Couture!

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