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Christmas in July: Up to 60% off Sitewide


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FIDO Shelter Spotlight

FIDO - Cuddle Clones Shelter Spotlight

Each month, we donate to 10 animal shelters nominated by you! One of the shelters this month is Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside (FIDO) . After reading their nomination email they sent, we were so happy we could help them out! 

About FIDO

FIDO logo as a cuddle clone shelter spotlight image

The mission behind FIDO is to improve the lives of vulnerable dogs living outside, with a focus on chained and neglected dogs. FIDO helps residents of Indianapolis find alternatives to continuous chaining as a method of dog containment while promoting proper care and treatment. FIDO works with citizens to help bring their dogs inside the home to be part of the family.  Their areas of focus are the struggling urban neighborhoods of Indianapolis. Many of the citizens they work with are challenged with their own issues, including poverty, medical issues, and victimization. Often, they love their dogs but lack the resources to provide a more humane level of care.

 Many of the dogs they help have never been to a veterinarian and spend most of their lives outside. Targeted humane education and outreach are a large part of the work they do at FIDO. They offer guidance and assistance with supplies and services to residents who are willing to work with them to improve their dogs’ quality of life. FIDO works in partnership with other organizations to provide spay/neuter assistance, which they require, for the dogs they serve. Their help is provided for free or at a nominal fee. FIDO also operates the only pet food pantry in Indianapolis for those pet owners who need additional assistance feeding their pets, (Dogs and cats, including community cat colony caretakers). FIDO volunteers dedicate over 750 hours per month providing safe and secure fencing, supplies, spay and neuter assistance, all to help transition dogs living outside to living healthy and happy lives with their families indoors.


How The COVID-19 Pandemic Affected the Shelter:

As with many organizations, COVID-19 has had a very significant impact on FIDO. Over the past year, many new clients reached out to FIDO for help with their pets for the first time in their lives due to recent job loss and illness. Additionally, FIDO received new requests for assistance from social workers who also sought our help for the pets of their clients. FIDO never stopped helping the neediest of pets and their families throughout the year. With much of our work being outdoors, including outreach, fence projects, and spay/neuter transport services, they were able to safely conduct this fieldwork throughout the year. As the need for basic pet supplies increased, FIDO successfully adapted their pet food pantry to a drive-through process for the safety of their clients and staff/volunteers. In 2020, they supplied nearly 184,000 pounds of dog and cat food alone!  Working with their community partner Indianapolis Animal Care Services, they were able to provide additional support for their officers in the field, conducting follow-ups for those animals most at risk. In response to the temporary closing of spay/neuter clinics, FIDO successfully implemented a second transport program to Indyhumane Downtown Clinic. 


If you would like to help FIDO, you can make an individual donation to the shelterhere.  

To view a full list ofshelters we donated to last month – check out our most recent donations blog post. Do you know of a shelter in need of some extra support? Send an email to and tell us more about them for a chance to be one of the 10 shelters selected for next month’s animal shelter donations. Thank you!

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