Christmas in July: Up to 60% off Sitewide

Christmas in July: Up to 60% off Sitewide


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How Custom Can a Cuddle Clone Be?

How Custom Can a Cuddle Clone Be? That’s a good question and one that we get asked a lot! We believe a Cuddle Clone can be as customized as a customer might like or need them to be and rarely are customization requests denied but it does happen from time to time.

We offer a wide range of general customization options that allow you to create a true one-of-a-kind stuffed animal of your pet. Your first step in our general customization process is deciding on the body position for your clone by choosing either standing, sitting, or lying down. Once you have decided on a body position for your clone the next step is choosing the position of each ear and our general options include up, half-floppy, and floppy.

Once you have decided on the perfect ear position for your favorite furry friend the next general customization option is for your clone’s eyes; we have 16 different colors for you to choose from. After choosing the eye color for your clone you are offered two more general customization areas, the tail, and mouth. Our tail customization options include up, half, down, and cropped/none. For the mouth customization, we offer options like closed, no tongue, closed/tongue, and open/tongue.

But, when it comes to customization these general options are only the start! The next step in the Cuddle Clones ordering process is the Distinguishing Characteristics section.  It’s at this point in the process where you can give us descriptions of your pet’s most unique features and characteristics. Some of the requests we have been able to honor include scars, branding of horses, missing limbs, and truly unique resting positions some pets have.

After we have your pictures and desired customizations we assign each clone to a team of highly talented plush designers and color technicians to shape and create a 100% custom stuffed animal of YOUR pet! Check out the clone we created below that highlights just one of the special requests we have completed for our customers:

Cuddle Clone of Sadie, a dog with a missing leg.

Sadie: Every pup is special part of our lives, and their unique physical attributes are just a small part of what makes them who they are! Some of our beloved furry friends are differently abled, but physical characteristics like these are what we specialize in creating. We created Sadie to take into account her missing left front leg.

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