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Are Siamese Cats Friendly?: What You Need to Know Before Buying a Siamese Cat

Siamese cats are a unique breed of cats that catch everyone’s attention with their striking blue eyes. Siamese cats are a breed that was a symbol of royalty in the old times. Despite its hype, do you have what it takes to take care of this magnificent breed? Or you’re just confused whether Siamese cats are worth it for your lifestyle? Here, we’ll talk about everything you need to consider before getting one. Navigate through the pros and cons, helping you make your choice easier on these adorable bunch!

Are Siamese Cats Vocal and Demanding?

Siamese cats are pretty vocal about their needs. These cats are chatty and like to show off their pretty meows. However, these sounds can be soulful or obnoxious depending on who you listen to. They make a series of meows to get someone’s attention or just doing anything in particular. If you can’t handle these pretty yet infuriating noises, then this cat might not be the one for you.

Attention Seekers: Siamese Cats' Friendly Disposition

Siamese Cats require your touch every other hour and would want to be by your side always. If you’re someone who feels lonely, this cat can help you provide some kitty love. However, busy people should take notice. Although they are good with being alone to some extent, these cats can get pretty wild if deprived of your touch or sight. They might just annoy you with their meows out of boredom or lack of attention. Considering this breed to be an independent one could be a wrong move. So make your choice carefully.

Managing a Siamese Cat's Fluffy Chaos

In the essence of the last point, Siamese cats are loving cats who are clingy to their owner. Sounds cute but often brings in some mishaps. Leaving them alone for many hours leaves them feeling perplexed, as they do require the attention they deserve. This lingering feeling ends up in chaos. And this makes them act destructive around the house. So, if you’re someone who does not want to come home to a scratchy welcome, this might not be for you.

Health Concerns when Buying Siamese Cats

Surprisingly, Siamese Cats are one of the healthier breeds in existence. The lifespan of Siamese cats is higher than most of the other cat breeds out there. However, they do suffer from various diseases if not taken care of properly. For example, they face respiratory problems like Calicivirus. This disease is common in Siamese kittens. This virus shows symptoms like red eyes, ulcers, and discharge. So it is vital to take care of them. They also face mental health issues. For example, their compulsive behavior makes them chaotic. Since they are mostly affection-oriented, loneliness can make me feel depressed. They are an intelligent breed but often go through anxiety and depression due to lack of care. So, make sure to keep your cats vaccinated, take a trip to the vet often, and keep track of what they might be feeling. Keep this in mind, and make your choice carefully.

As with any cat breed, potential owners need to be aware of common genetic issues. Siamese cats are predisposed to certain conditions, such as heart defects like hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) and retinal degeneration, which can lead to blindness. Regular check-ups and preventative care can significantly reduce these risks, making Siamese cats a generally healthy and robust breed.

Considering Diet and Grooming When Buying a Siamese Cat

The diet of these cats is pretty similar to the majority of breeds out there. All of which include a healthy mix of proteins, fats, minerals, and water. Protein is a vital source of their lifestyle. It is a cure for their health problems and ensures they have a healthy life. Some of which can be chicken, beef, eggs, and fish. Keep in mind that they cannot digest plant-based proteins as they do not have the specific enzyme to digest them. Even if they do tend to consume it, it is in a small amount. So refraining them from a plant-based diet could be a smart choice. 

Siamese cats require a significant amount of fat in their diet. It can be around 30% or more. The reason why it is in high percentages is that it provides energy for them. Fats not only deliver the energy cats need but also help make the digestive process stronger. It also creates a protective barrier against pathogens and fights off certain diseases. 

Minerals are also essential to provide certain functionality in these cats. These are as important as other nutrients. For example, magnesium helps to strengthen its structure. Potassium helps to balance the pH of acids and helps to avoid gastric problems. And many more. So, provide your Siamese cats with some minerals in their meals. 

Water is the key to life. Just like humans, their bodies are composed mostly of water. Whether you supply your cat with dry or wet cat food, it is good to keep track of your cat’s water consumption. Buy specific cat bowls, not too big or small. And make sure that they are clean to drink.

Moreover, regular grooming is essential, despite Siamese cats being known for their short, easy-care coats. Though they may not require as much brushing as long-haired breeds, they still benefit from weekly brushings to remove loose hair and distribute skin oils. Additionally, regular dental hygiene is essential for these cats, as dental disease can be a concern for this breed.


  • They are loyal beings who would support you and be by your side forever
  • They are calm when in a good mood
  • They love playing with toys
  • They love to be around people and interact with everyone
  • They do not require combing as fewer knots form in their fur



  • Siamese Cats are a needy breed that requires your attention every day
  • They are loud and vocal, frequently meowing around the house, which can be annoying to some people
  • It can be a hassle to train them initially
  • They always need something to be busy with and cannot stay idle
  • They can be destructive and can harm things if not monitored


So there you have it – everything you need to know before getting yourself a Siamese Cat.  These cats are one of a kind and bring joy to many. Hopefully, this article helped answer some questions if you’re considering getting a siamese cat. 

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