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The Quinceañera Cat Just Celebrated Her Sweet 16

This is Luna, she is adored by her family and she recently celebrated her sweet 16. You may remember her as the quinceañera cat whose family threw her an extravagant party for her 15th birthday.

If you don’t remember, let me refresh your memory. In Latin culture, a quinceañera is a party for 15-year-old girls, and Luna’s was totally Purrfect!

Invitations were sent out and everyone invited showed up! Although the day was for Luna, the humans also had treats to eat. She was dressed in an adorable pink outfit with a big bow and looked like an absolute princess. And she also got a whole can of tuna all to herself!

If you didn’t get one of these invitations for her sweet 16 then you really missed out.

They really went all out. Cookies, cake, a banner, and Luna right in the center of it all. The cookies look especially delicious. This family really knows how to throw a party.

Luna looks just as good in purple as she does in pink.

Maybe even better! But Luna definitely seems to be able to pull off every look. She’s a gorgeous girl!

Her family is so in love with her.

You can just feel the love pouring out of this family for their cat. Where can I get one of these Luna’s Sweet 16 shirts??

Party on girl!

Luna partied until she was all pooped out.

Is there such a thing as a Stellar 17? I just want to be invited to her next birthday… Although, for now I can follow Luna on her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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