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Why Pet Nutrition Plays the Most Important Role in Your Pets’ Lives

Why Pet Nutrition Plays the Most Important Role in Your Pets’ Lives

Everyone wishes for a long and happy life with their four-legged friends. However, unfortunately, our pets’ time is much shorter than ours, leaving us brokenhearted and wishing for more time. The only tried-and-true way to prolong their stay is by creating quality living conditions. Proper pet nutrition is a key condition! That’s why pet owners should study soulistic cat food reviews and similar articles to expand their knowledge on the topic. The quality of your pet’s food makes a huge difference in their health. Each ingredient makes affects their well-being one way or another. As the old saying goes, “you are what you eat”, and this holds just as true for our pets as it does for us.

Pug eating a milkbone treat


Proper pet nutrition ensures fewer health issues for your furry friend, and thus, lower healthcare costs. Quality nutrition supports a healthy immune system and improves the general health of all of your pet’s bodily functions. However, the exact opposite also holds true with poor nutrition and low-quality food. Low-quality foods are more likely to contain additives and ingredients that can prove harmful to your fur baby. These ingredients can keep your beloved pet from enjoying their life to the fullest. Thus, it’s up to you to provide the best nutrition possible!


There is nothing more essential to proper pet nutrition than hydration! The average adult dog’s body consists of 65% water. This percentage is even higher in puppies at a whopping 87%! Without consistent access to clean, pure water, your pet’s body cannot function properly. In fact, prolonged dehydration can cause issues ranging from loss of consciousness to organ damage! Dehydration can pose serious health risks to any pet, so it is absolutely vital to make sure your fur baby is getting enough fresh water daily.


Protein is vital to proper pet nutrition! It helps to build and repair muscles and bones, create hormones and enzymes, and provide the energy your pet needs to live a full and happy life! It’s especially important to note that your pets require animal protein sources. Dogs are omnivores. While they can derive health benefits from a plant-rich diet, a truly healthy dog diet requires meat. Cats, on the other hand, are carnivores. Thus, you should always pay attention to the amount of protein present when shopping for top-rated dog products and cat products. Also, bear in mind that while dogs can consume cat food, cats must never eat dog food. Our protein-loving pals are often tempted by each other’s food. However, a cat’s body cannot synthesize taurine, which is present in many dog foods! When it comes to pet food, it’s always best to feed your furry friend food designed for their species, age, and activity level!


Your pet cannot enjoy a healthy diet without healthy fats! Fats are rich in energy required for healthy body functions. You can find healthy fats in both animal and plant-based products. However, be sure not to overdo it! Too much fat in a pet’s diet can lead to obesity and heart health concerns. We recommend researching how much fat your pet’s diet should contain based on their breed, age, and lifestyle. A proper balance of fats will help keep your furry friend healthy and active!

Vitamins & Minerals

Various biochemical processes in our pet’s bodies rely on the right mixture of vitamins and minerals. They help our fur babies maintain a healthy immune system. They also ensure our pets can properly absorb the nutrition from their food. This is because vitamins and minerals affect the digestibility of proteins and carbohydrates. If you’re worried about your pet’s vitamin intake, you may want to consider pet-specific supplements. Many brands offer ready-made supplements designed for your species and breed! We always suggest talking with your veterinarian before starting your pet on a supplement. We also suggest switching up your dog’s treats to help bulk out their vitamin intake!


Despite what you may have heard, carbohydrates are a necessary part of a balanced diet! Best of all, it’s not even that bad to overdo it on occasion. The average dry pet food contains about 55% carbohydrates, as they are filling and provide a quick source of energy. However, as with all things, carbs are best consumed by your pet in moderation. Carbohydrates are converted into sugar in the body. If your pet isn’t active enough, this can lead to obesity! Be sure to monitor your pet’s carb intake and make adjustments as needed to maintain their health. One great way to ensure your pet is consuming a healthy amount of carbohydrates is to make homemade treats!

Expensive Pet Food

Some pet owners opt for cheap pet food to help save a penny. Unfortunately, these foods are often not designed with proper pet nutrition in mind. They routinely contain additives and chemicals that can lead to health complications for your fur baby! Thus, if you want to meet your pet’s nutrition needs and prolong their life, it is worth considering the more expensive healthy pet food options. When choosing the right food for your pet, pay attention to its ingredients. For many pet owners, the price investment balances out. A more nutritionally dense food will help your pet feel full for longer. Therefore, the investment in your pet’s health is not as steep as it may first appear.

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