Christmas in July: Up to 60% off Sitewide

Christmas in July: Up to 60% off Sitewide


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Pekingese Stuffed Animal: Custom Plush Pekingese Dog

Do you adore your charming Pekingese pup and want to take them everywhere with you? Our spectacular Pekingese stuffed animal is the perfect solution! This exceptional Pekingese plush is meticulously crafted to closely resemble your beloved stuffed Pekingese dog, making it an exquisite addition to your home or a fantastic gift for a friend.

  • Handmade to look just like your pet!   
  • 100,000+ satisfied Cuddle Clone owners
  • We make ALL animals - dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, you name it!

    Regular Delivery   

    8 Weeks 

    Rush Delivery Options

    6 Weeks - $39

    4 Weeks - $99 - $59

    2 Weeks - $149 - $99 

Turn Your Pekingese into a Stuffed Animal with Cuddle Clones

Ever dreamt of cuddling your Pekingese even when they're not around? Now you can! Cuddle Clones offers an incredible service, turning your beloved pet into a super soft, huggable Pekingese stuffed animal. We meticulously craft each plush to match your pet's unique features, giving you a plush version of your furry friend that you can hug anytime, anywhere.

Make Your Pekingese Plush Extra Special

Taking the Pekingese stuffed animal to the next level, Cuddle Clones allows you to customize your Pekingese plush in countless ways. Add their cute little birthmark or their unique coat color pattern – anything that makes your pet special. And not just that, you can even include their cute little outfits. This way, your plush Pekingese is a true clone of your real-life pet, capturing their personality in stuffed form.

The Perfect Gift: A Stuffed Pekingese Dog

Are you in search of a perfect, sentimental gift for a Pekingese dog lover? A stuffed Pekingese dog from Cuddle Clones is an exceptional gift choice. It’s not just a random dog plush, it’s their pet - their loyal companion - immortalized as a cuddly plush toy. You can even pair it with our custom pet products like mugs and posters for the ultimate pet-themed present.

FAQs: Everything You Want to Know About Your Pekingese Stuffed Animal

We understand that you might have some questions about our Pekingese stuffed animals and other pet products. Don't worry! We've got you covered. Below, we answer some of the most common questions about our custom pet products.

Can I Customize the Size of My Pekingese Plush?

Absolutely! At Cuddle Clones, we understand that not all Pekingeses are the same size. When placing your order, you can specify the size of your pet, and we'll create a Pekingese plush that accurately represents your pet in its actual size.

What Kind of Photos Do I Need to Provide for a Stuffed Pekingese Dog?

Getting the best stuffed Pekingese dog requires clear, detailed photos of your pet. You should ideally provide photos from various angles – front, both sides, and rear. Make sure to include any unique features your pet might have, like markings or special fur patterns. The better the photos, the more detailed your Cuddle Clone will be.

How Long Will It Take to Receive My Pekingese Stuffed Animal?

Our goal is to create a perfect clone of your pet, and perfection takes time. Generally, you can expect your custom Pekingese stuffed animal to be delivered within 6-8 weeks from the time of order. We assure you, the wait is totally worth it!