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5 Pet Memorial Gifts that Will Warm Your Heart

There are few greater difficulties in life than saying goodbye to a beloved pet. It is a truly heart-shattering experience for any pet owner. Pets are family and grieving the loss of a pet can be just as devastating as any other member of the household. Thankfully, there are resources available to help pet owners learn how to cope with the loss of a pet, which you can read about here. However, as a dear friend of the pet owner, what can you do to show that you care and help ease them through the pet bereavement process? We believe that one of the best ways to help a loved one grieve the loss of a pet is any one of the many available pet memorial gifts!

Countless pet owners have grieved this devastating loss, and many agree that pet memorial gifts, including dog memorial gifts and cat memorial gifts, help to ease the blow. These heartwarming gifts help to capture the likeness and memory of your pet while capturing a small sliver of the joy and happiness that brought into your life!

As a result, you may find it beneficial to get a memorial item to help you through the grief. And if you are a friend of a pet owner that just lost their pet, your thoughtful pet sympathy gifts will no doubt go a long way towards healing their pain.


1. Cuddle Clone

A Cuddle Clone is the perfect gift for someone who lost a pet. Cuddle Clones are 100% custom stuffed animals of your pet, handcrafted to look just like your beloved best friend. No amount of custom plushies could possibly replace a lost pet. However, as our Cuddle Clones are completely customizable, they can capture the specific physical details that made your pet special, making them an ideal pet memorial gift.

In addition to our plush Cuddle Clones, we also offer a wide variety of additional personalized pet products that can serve as a loving reminder of your pet. These can include custom-made slippers that resemble your pet, custom pet blankets with their picture, and even holiday ornaments that can serve as a yearly reminder of the joy your pet brought into your life.

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2. Customized Memorial Plaque

A custom memorial plaque is a deeply thoughtful gift that fits perfectly anywhere in anyone’s home. By including a picture of the pet who has journeyed over the rainbow bridge and inscribing a few heartfelt words, these custom memorial plaques can go a long way towards honoring the memory of a beloved member of the family and warming the heart through the grieving process.

3. Picture Frame

Pictures are memories frozen in time and make for powerful pet memorial gifts. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a picture tells the story of the time it was taken. Framing a picture of a pet is usually a helpful way of expressing your grief. We recommend choosing a photo that brings you back to a moment of pure joy with your pet. The picture could be of the pet at their silliest or sharing a cuddle with a loved one. If it evokes a happy memory, then it’s the right choice! A beautifully designed frame makes the memory come together.

4. Custom Pet Figurine

A Custom Pet Figurine is a beautiful, portable, and space-efficient way to memorialize a pet. Made to look just like your pet, these figurines look great on the mantle. You can also get creative and pair it with a memorial plaque and the pet’s old collar to create a memorial “shrine” of the pet. 3D figurines are a great way to honor a pet and are sure to bring a smile to the pet owner’s face.

5. Handwritten Card

Time, energy, and effort are the ultimate gifts one can give another. Handwritten cards show how much you care in a low-cost, highly personalized manner. Gifting a handwritten card for a friend or family member may seem too simple, but it is a thoughtful way of showing that you care for them and grieve alongside them. You can also choose to further personalize the card by adding custom designs or photos. You can even attach a picture of the pet and its owner.


There is no easy way to cope with the loss of a pet. It's made more difficult by having to decide if dog cremation or burial is right for you, as well as the myriad other choices you have to make when a pet passes. The death of a pet should always be taken as seriously as any other passing. If your pet or the pet of a friend has crossed the rainbow bridge, we hope that one of these pet memorial gifts can help bring you or your loved one peace and comfort.

Not only do these pet memorial gifts provide a sense of solace, but they also offer a tangible reminder of the unique bond between pet and owner. These gifts, be it a plush Cuddle Clone, a custom pet figurine, or a personalized piece of jewelry, are not about replacing a lost friend, but about celebrating and remembering the joy and love they brought into our lives.

If you still have a living pet, now is the time to care for them more than ever. Your pet understands death in their own way. They feel grief when they lose friends too. Consider bringing home new toys, gifts, or even a brand new pet bed to help your pets through their grief.

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