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8 Pet Summer Safety Tips to Keep Your Furry Friend Safe

Fun in the sun with your pet can also be dangerous if you’re not properly informed. To prevent injury to your pet, we have compiled a pet summer safety tips for you to consider to keep your pet happy and safe while out in the sun!



Dog inside a hot car with the windows rolled up.

8. Never leave your pet in your car.

Even with the windows cracked, temperatures in your car can reach deadly levels. Even if the temperature outside is only 70°, it can be up to 20° hotter in your car! Within just 30 minutes, a car can go from 85° to 120° even if parked in the shade!


Happy husky swimming in a pool.

7. Never leave your pet unsupervised by a pool.

This is especially true if you do not have stairs in your pool that your dog can easily use. Not all dogs are capable swimmers and can drown very quickly. Pool water is unsafe to drink, as it contains chlorine and other chemicals.

Goldendoodle biting at the water from a hose.

6. Make sure your pet has plenty of freshwater.

Dehydration can set in very quickly in extreme temperatures. Make sure not to over-exercise them and that they have a cool shady place to get out of the sun. When it is extremely hot, it’s best for pets to stay indoors.


French Bulldog leaning out the car window.

5. Keep all unscreened windows or doors closed.

It may be tempting to get a fresh breeze going through your home, but pets can very easily fall out of windows that are not covered with a secure screen. Make sure any existing screens are tightly secured and screen in any that are not.


A field of grass and wildflowers.

4. Keep lawn chemicals away from your pets.

These types of chemicals can be extremely harmful if ingested. Call your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435 if your pet has ingested these or other chemicals.



3. Never use fireworks around pets.

Not only can they become fearful and disoriented from the noise and flashing lights, but there is also a potential for burns or trauma. Even discarded or unused fireworks contain hazardous materials, so never leave your pet alone with them.


Smiling corgi with two different colored eyes walking in the park.

2. Keep your dogs’ paws off of hot asphalt.

You may not notice, because you are wearing shoes, but asphalt gets extremely hot in warmer temperatures. Pet paw pads can burn very quickly, and walks in warmer temperatures should be at a minimum.


Small dog in a red harness standing in a field of yellow flower

1. Never shave your pets

This doesn’t mean that you cannot get your pet a trim but be sure to leave enough hair that they will be protected from the sun’s harmful rays.


Warm weather can be a good excuse to enjoy quality time with your pet but always keep their safety in mind! There are exceptions to every rule, so keep in mind your pet’s breed when doing your research. Pets with flatter faces, overweight pets, and young or elderly animals will always be more susceptible to overheating. When planning your summer activities, please keep our pet summer safety tips in mind so everyone has a fun and safe time!

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