Christmas in July: Up to 60% off Sitewide

Christmas in July: Up to 60% off Sitewide


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How To Submit Great Pics for Your Pet Prints Products!

The key to our adorably pawesome pet prints products is an amazing picture of YOUR pet! Now we’re not saying rush out and buy a brand new DSLR or schedule a professional photo shoot, because a quality snap with any smartphone will work great! Just follow our helpful tips below and our artists will turn your best friend into a beautiful custom illustration that can be applied to your favorite products!


Tip 1 – Only one pet per product!

It’s sad, we know…but every pet should have their day in the spotlight and we believe that our pet prints are the pur-fect way to let their unique place in your heart shine!!

Tip 2 – Front and center

We need a close up of your buddy’s face and chest to accurately illustrate them! We want to capture as much detail as we can and in photos where your pet is too far away it hinders our artist’s ability to create the highest quality illustration for your pet prints product.

Tip 3 – Lighting

Good lighting makes a brown dog look brown, not black! Make sure there is adequate lighting to let your furballs colors shine thru! Good lighting will ensure our artists see and capture all the details of your best friend when creating the custom illustration for your pet prints product.

Tip 4 – Positioning

Sitting down or standing up works best to center your pet’s features on our products!


Collage of posed dog pictures




1 – Low resolution

If the image is blurry it makes it difficult to accurately illustrate your pet’s features!

Blurry, low-resolution photo of a sitting dog.

2.  Poor Lighting!

Dark lighting or light that looks unnatural in general, makes it difficult to get your pet’s fur colors correct.

Poorly lit photo of a one-eyed dog laying on a bed

3. Too small!

If the size of the image is less than 300kb, it’s likely to small to work with.

Very small photo of a white dog

4. They are too far away!

The dog is too small in the photo, we need a close-up to create a highly detailed illustration of your best friend for your pet prints product!

Small dog sitting in the middle of the living room floor

5. Pets only

Too much of the pet is obscured by the owner.

Dog owner crouched down and petting their dog on the face

6. Everything there?

Make sure your pet’s features aren’t cut off in the photo!

Black dog with ear cut off by photo frame



  • Give us a pic of your pet (from the front, must include pet’s face and chest from straight on)

  • We crop out the background to focus on your pet’s face

  • We crop out the background to focus on your pet’s face

Picture of a pug in a flower crown on custom Cudldle Clones products

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