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11 Dog Owners Who Are So Extra It’s Funny

We all know that it’s the little things in life that let others know we love and care for them. And as the Beatles said, “money can’t buy me love…” But at the same time, if your dog could see Instagram, it is hard not to think that these dog owners would make your dog jealous.

So, without fur-ther delay, let’s take a look at 11 times dog owners were so extra it’s funny!

11. You thought you were going the extra mile by letting your little buddy lay its head on your pillow – think again! It is hard to say what is best about this photo… the bacon AND kibble, the morning paper, or the slight scowl that seems to say, “yes this is my life and no you can’t have it.”

10. Or even if you don’t go that far – have you at least gone the extra mile to show her that her sleeping comfort is important to the family?

9. Or have you done even this….? Even if you don’t have two dogs, this allows you to host a proper sleep-over!

8. Getting two walks a day used to be considered living the good life for dogs. But now, if you are not taking her with you everywhere you go in a baby stroller, then it seems that you are a neglectful fur-parent!

7. On second thought, if you are not taking her everywhere you go with her bestie alongside AND in a thousand-dollar designer baby stroller, you need to get on this dog owners’ level!

6. Does your pampered pooch insist on being carried everywhere and you happily oblige? Because, if not, you really need to up your effort.

5. All dog owners know how much pups love the feel of the wind in their faces, especially when on a ride. So, this owner takes it to the next level. Does your pooch have it’s very own sidecar so they know they’re truly the Robin to your Batman?

4. Growing up, we would just pay a neighbor to feed the dog if we went on a road trip vacation. But now, taking your dog on the flight with you to vacation is not enough – there had better be wine too!

3. Do you own a boat for your dog to lounge in and enjoy the wind and sun? No. Do you even love your dog? Clearly Not.

2. Even if you can’t spring for a boat, how about a cozy little dog abode? It’s only about $4,500.

1. And finally, the humble doggie RV. You can take the dog out of the trailer, but you can’t take the trailer out of the dog…

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