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Christmas in July: Up to 60% off Sitewide


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Meet the Bachelor in Pawradise Contestants

Romance is in the air, Cuddle Clones Nation, and we are celebrating the season of love and affection by naming the very first Bachelor in Pawradise! Nine of our most dashing, debonair, and delightfully dapper Cuddle Clones are competing for your vote to see who will get a rose and win a one-way ticket to the Grand Finale on February 11th, 2022!

We wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to the nine charming and charismatic Cuddle Clones vying to become your brand new best friend. 

Meet Our Nine Cuddle Clone Contestants

Bachelor in Pawradise Round 1 Contestants

Round 1 | Cast Your Vote Here

Carter ~ Creative & Cunning

Why stop at painting the town red when there is an entire spectrum of dazzling color and light this creative soul can show you? A creative soul with a clever wit, Carter lives to express himself through the canvas. When this very good boy isn't creating multi-million dollar masterpieces, he loves to give back by painting murals as part of his community beautification initiative. 

Sebastian ~ Suave & Sophisticated

The best things in life are free? Sebastian begs to disagree. This fancy feline lives for the finer things in life and will not rest until you have experienced the wonders of the world firsthand. Have you ever witnessed the sky ablaze in a sea of rich, warm color as the sun sets behind the white marble dome of the Taj Mahal? This fantasy is moments away from reality with our financially blessed feline friend.

Brent ~ Brainy & Bashful

Not everyone lives for the spotlight, but beneath Brent's shy exterior lies a veritable Library of Alexandria. From the cultural creations of the classical era to the mad-dash mayhem of modern day living, this well-read pup loves to offer information and insight to expand your mind and warm your heart. Once you break through the bashful exterior of this very good boy, you are sure to discover your brand new best friend.


Bachelor in Pawradise Round 2 Contestants

Round 2 | Cast Your Vote Here 

Chris ~ Caring & Childlike

We spend our lives in a constant rush to grow up, only to reach adulthood and realize we would give so much to recapture the simple and innocent joys of childhood. Enter Chris! This caring, compassionate, and childlike best friend in the making will take you by the paw through carefree and fun-filled days that seek to recapture a fleeting glimpse of those simpler, bygone days! 

Travis ~ Tough & Tender

Bad to the bone with a hidden heart of gold, Travis may not be the type you bring home to meet Mom and Dad. However, when you're flying down the highway on the back of a Harley with the wind whipping through your hair, you may not really care! Despite his gruff exterior, Travis hides a tender soul and a warm heart for those daring enough to find it.

Juan ~ Joyful & Jocular

Life is meant to be lived, and more importantly, enjoyed! From the simple yet unmatched pleasure of a steaming cup of strong coffee to the exhilarating thrill of a cool, crisp breeze atop a mountain as the sun rises in the distance, each and every day with Juan will be greeted the same way, with a smile! 


Bachelor in Pawradise Round 3 Contestants

Round 3 | Cast Your Vote Here

Griffin ~ Generous & Gregarious

"To be doing good deeds is man's most glorious task". These powerful words by ancient philosopher Sophocles perfectly capture the creed and code of this generous gentleman. Whether volunteering in the children's wing of his local hospital or simply lending a shoulder to cry on to a friend in need, Griffin's good-natured generosity makes him an ideal candidate for best friend.

Justin ~ Jolly & Jovial

Sporting plumage as vibrant and colorful as his personality and ever the optimist, Justin is at home anywhere he lays his hat! Formerly a speech therapist, an epiphany led this feathered friend to leave behind his chosen profession in search of his own voice. His soul-searching expedition is sure to lead to every corner of the globe, and you could be by his side the entire way!

Mittens ~ Mischievous & Manicured

Well-groomed but not so well behaved, there isn't a breakable memento on a table or shelf that is safe from Mittens mischievous namesakes. Despite his penchant for trouble and his habit of meowing for hours uninterrupted if he can see the bottom of his food bowl, your heart is sure to melt into a puddle of love and affection once you hear his rhythmic purr.

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