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5 Things To Consider Before Adopting A Small Dog

Adopting a pet is akin to embracing a new family member, requiring the same degree of commitment and care. If you have your sights set on a small dog, consider which are the most common dogs in shelters, and make sure that you're up to the task. Small breeds can require a little extra attention and nurturing. Therefore, while you gear up to raise your new fur baby, it's crucial to consider all the highs and lows, ensuring that you've thoroughly reviewed all the available information and are well-prepared to tackle the unique challenges that come with raising a small dog.

However, like all pets, the truth is raising a small dog can be a rewarding experience, bringing immense happiness to your home and family. Small dogs can be held in your arms, allowing for a more intimate cuddling experience. If you want to experience the magic of owning a small dog, here are some things to consider as a part of your prep plan.

Puppy beneath its owners legs

5 Considerations Before Adopting A Small Dog

(1) Understand the Basics

Any pet requires extensive care and attention, so a pet owner must commit to the workload. Some things will consume a lot of time when you bring a dog home. You have to ensure their basic needs are met. These include cleaning and grooming, feeding, training, and exercise. You will have to invest effort in toilet training and take your furry friend for regular vet visits. A small dog may have additional requirements for nutrition and healthcare, so make sure you do your research. You can get helpful information online, talk to pet owners, or seek advice from a vet. Pick a small dog only if you can look after their needs unique to their breed and age.

Chihuahua playing fetch

(2) Be Committed to Lots of Activity

Many small breeds are huge bundles of energy and are keen to run around. You will be on your toes most of the time! Your pet will require a mix of indoor and outdoor activities to stay healthy and happy. If you choose to adopt a small dog, be committed to an active lifestyle. If your lifestyle is very busy, a small dog can still be a great option for your family, but you may want to consider hiring a dog walker! If you have kids at home, delegate the responsibility because children are often happy to play the role.

(3) Anxiety May Be a Common Issue

All dogs are prone to separation anxiety as they miss companionship, but small dogs are more likely to experience it. Experts at Central Illinois Doodles recommend that you have a plan to deal with separation anxiety before adopting a small dog. Your dog will likely not be happy alone, and it is a good idea to have someone at home at all times. If you cannot afford a sitter, consider talking to your vet about anxiety treatments.

Small terrier playing with sprinkler

(4) Expect a Messy Home

When you have a small dog at home, you may need to be prepared to expect your place to be messy all the time. Many small dog breeds tend to be more playful and energetic than bigger animals. They love playing with anything they can find- cushions, rugs, toys, and feeding bowls. Don't be surprised if they pull clothes out of your closet and shoes out of the rack. You will have a lot of fun with their pranks, but cleaning the mess may get on your nerves, so training must be a priority.

(5) Safety Needs to be a Priority

Safety has to be on your checklist if you adopt a small dog. You will likely want to consider baby-proofing your living space for pet safety. Moreover, you have to be alert to ensure your pet isn't underfoot. Leaving them alone at home can also be a concern. Fortunately, you can deal with the issue with training and socialization, but be ready to invest some extra effort for safety.

In Summary

Adopting a dog creates a companion for life, but different sized dogs provide different challenges. Small dogs may require additional time, effort, and care to ensure they are living their best lives. However, if you commit to the care, you can rest assured that you will have a loving, cuddlable friend for life!

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