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Ohio Couple Saves Shelter Dog Two Times Over

Gregory is a 2-year old former shelter dog with a new lease on life thanks to one loving Ohio Couple. He was at a Columbus, OH animal shelter when he got some very bad news: he had heartworms. The cost to treat him was more than the shelter could pay, so he had to be put down.

That is when Schenley and Joe Kirk stepped in and came to Gregory’s rescue with just two days left until he was scheduled to be put down. The Ohio couple runs a non-profit called HOUND Rescue & Sanctuary in Finley, OH.  HOUND stands for Helping Overlooked Unwanted Neglected Dogs, and provides vet care, food, shelter and love to  dogs in need until they can be placed in a loving home.

They take in stray and abandoned dogs, as well as rescue area dogs from shelters. For senior dogs or dogs who cannot be adopted, they provide a new home at HOUND and they typically home around dozen such dogs.


While the Ohio couple often rescues dogs, it was the below photo that went viral on Facebook. The post captured national headlines and received thousands of likes.  It’s no wonder the Kirks saved him, with such a grateful and loving heart. Sadly, so many dogs can become jaded and scared of humans by the time they make it to the shelter. But based on these pics, it seems he has a lot more love to give the world!

Schenley said that she was initially bothered that the dog was not in a travel cage and that Joe was taking a selfie while driving, but she soon got over it once the world took notice of the loving pooch. Joe felt like the dog had spent so much of its life locked in a cage that he could not bring himself to lock him up for the two-hour card ride. Instead, Joe chose to tether him safely to the back seat.

The pic was so moving that, just as soon as the Kirks could begin to get him settled in, someone stepped up to adopt him and pay for his heartworm pills.

As seen in the this pic, he is taking to life outside the cage just fine!


If you live near Finley, OH, check out the HOUND website. This former shelter dog has already found his forever home, but they have plenty more love bugs like him just waiting to make a family whole!

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