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Christmas in July: Up to 60% off Sitewide


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Unleashed Pet Rescue & Adoption | Shelter Spotlight - February 2022

Since day one, Cuddle Clones has proudly donated a portion of every purchase to animal shelters in need around the country. Not only do your purchases bring joy, comfort, and excitement to you and your family, they give shelter pets in need a new lease of life. Every month, we donate meals, medical care, and toys to 10 animal shelters around the country. February 2022 was no exception, and of the 10 amazing organizations we supported, we are shining this month’s Shelter Spotlight on Unleashed Pet Rescue & Adoption.

Is there a shelter, rescue, or humane association in your area in need of support? Nominate them at! Be sure to include the name of the organization, address, contact information including phone number/email address, and a short message regarding why you are nominating this shelter. Also, be sure to visit our Shelter Donations blog post for February 2022. There you can find the complete list of shelters we supported last month, and we encourage you to check them all out. 

Unleashed Pet Rescue & Adoption Logo

Introducing Unleashed Pet Rescue & Adoption

The very first thing you see when you visit the Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption website is a quote by esteemed author and pet lover Karen Davison.

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”

No quote better captures the heart and soul of Unleashed’s mission better. 

Founded in 2011 in Mission, KS, Unleashed Pet Rescue & Adoption is a licensed non-profit focused on improving the lives of homeless pets and ending the societal stigma against bully breeds. Given the term bully breed is rooted in violence and aggression, it’s all too clear to see just how important and powerful their mission is.

Unleashed works with local high-kill shelters to bring “unwanted pets” (that’s an oxymoron if we’ve ever heard one) to safety, regardless of age, size, breed, temperament, and history. They believe every pet deserves an opportunity to thrive in a loving and stable environment.

“We are proud to say that we have created an organization that is no-kill and we will not euthanize any animal due to overcrowding.”, says Unleashed’s website. By employing a vast network of incredible fosters, they are able to overcome the resource shortages that plague shelters, rescues, and humane societies everywhere around the country.

As with all shelters, the population is always changing as the kitties and pups they serve find their forever homes! However, if you’re in the Mission, KS area and are looking to open your home to a brand new furry family member, you could consider any one of these stunningly beautiful animals:

Duke Buster Groove from Unleashed PetsMeelo Moneyman from Unleashed Pet RescueDr Liz Wilson Arbor Day from Unleashed Pet RescueChipperware Pancake from Unleashed Pet RescuePowdered Doughnut from Unleashed Pet Rescue


Every shelter pet deserves to find their forever home and experience the love and affection they deserve. This is especially true for our friends of the Bully Breed variety. According to Time, “Researchers found that potential pet owners were less likely to take home a dog if shelters called it a pit bull because the breed is negatively perceived and considered less friendly and more aggressive than other breeds.”

We know all too well that there are no bad dogs, just bad owners, and all dogs can thrive given the love, structure, and support they so richly deserve. Unfortunately, bully breeds wait 3 times as long to be adopted as other pets. Together, with incredible causes like Unleashed Pet Rescue & Adoption, we can change those statistics for the better.

How to Support Unleashed Pet Rescue & Adoption

If you’re reading this, there’s an excellent chance that you have made a purchase from Cuddle Clones at some point. If so, you’ve already supported! Your purchase directly led to our donation and support for Unleashed Pet Rescue & Adoption. For example, one pair of our Custom Pet Plush Slippers puts 20 meals in the bowls of shelter pets in need.

However, for those who haven’t purchased or those generous hearts who simply can’t help but give more, there are a few simple ways to support Unleashed and their mission. First, consider making a monetary donation. This tax deductible donation ensures shelter pets have access to the resources they so desperately need. Second, consider adopting! Adopting a pet opens up space and resources so even more animals in high-kill environments can be rescued. Third, if you can’t adopt, consider fostering! Your love and care will help our furry friends find their forever homes.

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