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The Bark Madness 2022 Tournament

The Bark Madness 2022 Brackets

The Cuddle Clones Bark Madness 2022 brackets

We are proud to welcome you to Bark Madness 2022, the pet world’s premiere single-elimination tournament! We are here to decide beyond a shadow of a doubt which breed reigns supreme as the “Top Dog” of 2022. Will it be the AKC’s top breed of 2020, the Labrador Retriever? Will it be the eager-to-please family dog, the Golden Retriever? Will it be the behemoth Bullmastiff? Only time and your voteswill tell.

That’s right! We’re counting on your votes to decide who will walk away Top Dog and Grand Champion of the Bark Madness 2022 tournament. Here’s how it works:

The Cuddle Clones Bark Madness 2022 TimelineVisit our FacebookInstagram, or Twitter pages to cast your vote in each match up.
1. Round 1, the entire left side of the bracket, goes live on March 17th, and Round 2, the entire right side of the bracket, begins on March 19th. These both stay live until the start of Round 3. Cast your votes in the comments and help your favorite breed claim victory!
2. The Snuggly 16 (Round 3) begins 3/24, and as the field begins to narrow, every vote counts!
3. We’ve arrived at the Excitable 8, beginning 3/26. Be sure to tag your friends in each post to rally support and lead your team to victory!
4. It’s 4/2, and the Furry 4 have been decided. Two of these amazing breeds will meet to decide the champion, and you get to decide who!
5. It all comes down to 4/4. The Championship. The two favorite breeds of the Cuddle Clones community will meet for all the marbles!

Matchups to Watch

Husky and Newfoundland Cuddle Clones

Newfoundland vs. Husky:

Some of you may remember the fierce competition and overwhelming excitement of the Dog Days Duel 2021! The top 16 dog breeds as decided by the American Kennel Club competed for the title of the Cuddle Clones community’s favorite dog breed. 

In what was perhaps the ultimate Cinderella story, the 16-seed Husky, the ultimate underdog, triumphed over the seemingly unbeatable 3-seed German Shepherd.  It was truly an incredible sight to behold - a story book ending for the ages.

But that was the minor leagues, kid.

The Huskies have returned to defend their Dog Days title on the grandest stage of them all, and their opening round contest in no pushover. Literally, in fact, because it’s extremely difficult to push over these 150-pound gentle giants. 

Huskies have a monumental task ahead of them to keep their spot in this single-elimination tournament. Can they overcome the furry, behemothNewfoundland? Only time will tell, and that’s why this is our first match-up to watch.

German and Chihuahua Cuddle Clones

German Shepherd vs. Chihuahua:

If the Dog Days Duel taught us anything, it’s that our Cuddle Clones community is ride or die for their favorite breed, regardless of whether or not they make it onto the bracket. There’s no greater example than the sassy spitfire breed that is the Chihuahua. 

Coming in at number 34 on the AKC’s Top Dog Breeds of 2020 list, Chihuahuas were a long way away from making the sixteen competitor cut. However, that didn’t stop our community from making their voices heard. 

The Chihuahua fan base was loud, proud, and demanded their time to shine. Now they’ve got it! Can these small but mighty competitors overcome the Dog Days silver-medalist, the German Shepherd? The German looked nigh unbeatable heading into the championship match. Can they put on a dominant repeat performance? Your vote will decide!

Pug and Corgi Cuddle Clones

Corgi vs. Pug

The Bark Madness 2022 brackets are home to some showstopping David vs. Goliath match-ups (“Boston Terrier vs. Bullmastiff” come to mind)! Consider this match-up more of a “David vs. Slightly Smaller David” scenario.

Neither competitor boasts a significant size advantage, and the Pug and Corgi share a significant number of temperamental similarities. No wonder these two assaultingly adorable breeds are beloved all over the world.

The cute factor is off the charts for this legendary, feel-good competition. No matter who emerges victorious, we all win just for being part of the journey!

Mutt and Doberman

Mutt/Mixed Breed vs. Doberman

We are loud and proud advocates of rescuing dogs! A portion of every single purchase made through our website goes to support animal shelters, rescues, and humane societies around the country. That’s why we would be remiss not to give mutts a seat at the table and a place in the Bark Madness 2022 tournament!

Over 50% of dogs are classified as mutts, and these lovable rascals are as temperamentally diverse as they come. They are as unique as their owners, making them a wild card in the truest sense of the word.

However, these scrappy individualists are in for the competition of their lives when they stare down a breed that can only be described as canine nobility,  the Doberman Pinscher

Fearless and powerful versus loyal and loving. The elite versus the underdogs. Pedigree versus providence. This match-up is one for the record books, and only your vote can decide who moves forward!

The Cinderella Candidates


Pitbulls are a polarizing breed to say the very least. In fact, according to some studies, at least 1/5th of Americans want a ban on Pitbulls

The conversation of nature versus nurture in Pitbulls is one that is far too large to tackle here, but as this beloved breed makes up a huge portion of pups in the U.S. In fact, according to ASPCA data, pitbulls are “the 3rd most popular dog type adopted from shelters and the 5th most popular dog type registered by veterinarians.”

The pittie smile is undeniable, folks. Can that look of pure, joyful exuberance lead the Pitbull breed to victory? 


Not many dog breeds have  multiple dedicated clothing lines, but then again, Greyhounds aren’t just any dog breed.

Despite its relatively rare status, the greyhound breed has a loyal, passionate, and dedicated base of supporters that will undoubtedly make for a formidable contest. 

Plus, as the adoption of former racing Greyhounds becomes more common, the delightfully affectionate pups are increasing in popularity as family pets.

St. Bernard: 

Playful, charming, and utterly beloved, the St. Bernard is yet another of the gentle giants seeking to tower over the competition. These gentle, calm, and patient pups thrive when exposed to an excess of love and affection and make perfect family dogs! 

Their size serves as an unfortunate deterrent to ownership for folks with space constraints, but the fact that you can’t have one may make their support throughout the tournament even greater!


For many in the Cuddle Clones community, “Adopt Don’t Shop” isn’t just a catchphrase, it’s a lifestyle mantra. We welcome these rescue mutts into our families and open our hearts and homes. 

The love for rescues runs DEEP. Can any individual breed overcome the love we pour on our rescue mutts? Only time will tell.

Our Prediction

There are some truly interesting match-ups on the horizon, and it wouldn’t be Bark Madness without some stunning upsets and come-from-behind victories! However, when it comes to predicting the victor, we here at Cuddle Clones are predicting a clean sweep for the German Shepherd. 

Given the breed’s powerful performance only a few short months ago and their slim margin of defeat, we feel it’s the Shepherd’s tournament to lose!

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