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5 Creative Ways To Improve Your Dog Behavior & Skills

There is no doubt that we love our dogs. In fact,nearly 70 million American households own at least one dog. These dogs are much more than our pets, they are a part of the family. They provide companionship, can guard homes, and are a ton of fun to have around.

But in order to have the best dog, you need to be a good owner. A dog is only as good as its owner, and you owe it to your pup to provide them with a high-quality and happy life. Without any further ado, this article is going to go over a couple of great ways that you can improve your dog skills and become the best dog owner you can be.

Visit an Online Resource

One of the best places to go in order to be the best dog owner ever and brush up on your skills and knowledge is the internet. There are many general resources that can help you with everything from training your dog, getting your dog to do tricks, socializing your dog, and everything in between.

There are also different resources for different breeds if you want more specific advice and conversation. For example, those with a doodle puppy or dog should be sure to visit Pride & Prejudoodles for heaps of helpful information. All in all, if you go to the right places, the internet can be a huge help for dog owners.

Dog and owner reading a book and laying in the grass

Read a Book

Over the years, hundreds (if not thousands) of books have been written about dog ownership. Reading these books is among the best ways to build your skills as a dog owner, and improve the behavior of your dog at the same time. These books can be general, while others are more specific in the guidance they give.

Make sure the content and subject matter of the book is also relevant to the skills or knowledge you want. If you want to teach your dog basic obedience, you may not want a book focused on advanced tricks or tactics.

Of course, be sure to do some research on the author and ensure they are qualified to be writing this kind of book. In addition to that, checking out online reviews of a particular book can help show how helpful it has been according to other dog owners.

Watch Videos

While reading books and online resources is great, there are also countless videos out there to watch. Both should be an important part of your growth as a dog owner, but some certainly prefer watching content over reading it. Watching videos is often easier to understand and can be easier to follow along with your dog.

These videos can be short and focused on showing how to teach a certain skill or trick, or can be longer informational videos about just about anything related to dog ownership. No matter what you want to learn or work on, there is likely a video out there that can help. Be sure the person or company making the video is qualified, experienced, and regarded as an expert in the space, too.

Long haired daschund in obedience class

Attend Puppy/Obedience Classes

One of the best ways for both you and your dog to build up your skills is to take a class together. This could be anything from a puppy class teaching the most basic commands, to an advanced class focused on agility training.

These can help you and your dog connect while learning and working on new things together. You will build a stronger bond with your dog and will have a ton of fun together, in addition to learning new things.

Take time when it comes tochoosing the right class, too. Not all classes are created equally, and you want to ensure it is a safe and calm place for your dog to learn. Also, some instructors are better than others, so always find a class with an instructor you feel comfortable working with.

Ask Friends or Family

If you have friends or family members who have successfully raised pups and have well-behaved dogs, it couldn’t hurt to ask them about their strategies for training and how they became better dog owners. Everyone has their own tactics and ideas, and it couldn’t hurt to ask. There is a good chance they will be happy to share their tips and what they did.

Having playdates with their dogs can also show off their skills and the things they have helped their dogs to be able to achieve. Of course, simply having a dog doesn’t make someone an expert, so make sure you know who you ask.

Any of these methods can be great for improving your dog skills and helping you become the best dog owner you can possibly be.

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